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The new TerraLock website has been launched! Take a tour to find more out about TerraLock retaining walls, water erosion control with Terralock and make sure you check out the Pukekura Park and lake project in New Plymouth, New Zealand  



Here is a recent editorial writeup in Christchurch on TerraLock. Click here

Welcome to TerraLock

A environmental solution for retaining walls, erosion and water control

TerraLock is an environmental solution for both residential properties or large scale commercial projects.    Its versatility allows it to be installed as a vertical wall or sloping retaining wall. It has proven its durability in erosion control along riverbanks, lakes, culverts and water flow management systems.

The system is easy to install using a geofabric material bag and interlocking plate.  The bags are filled with onsite material or imported soil, aggregate and compost.   This feature means it easy to transport to local or isolated locations die to its use. The design allows TerraLock to be integrated into any landscaping design, creating either natural curves or straight lines to blend with the natural environment.  

All walls and embankments created with TerraLock are designed to be planted with seedlings, native grasses and hydro seedling.  This will provide extra strength and stability to the wall, and cover any evidence of the retained area, providing a long term solution to erosion control. 

The Terralock bags are made from a geo-fabric material which makes the system porous to water flow which can pass through the bag and not the contents of the soil.  This makes the Terralock system ideal for water management systems because its safe for plant and marine life.   

Our expert contacts can discuss any technical problem or installation needs, contact us to discuss your upcoming project.